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The GR-1 is a sample-based polyphonic desktop hardware synthesizer combined with a digital granular engine. Creating textures, characteristic sounds, drones, soundscapes, pads has never been easier. When you are working on a unique sound, it’s always nice to have hands-on controls to easily dial in the sweet spots. The possibility to quickly adjust any parameter of your sound is necessary to adapt to the workflow of any user. Trace every adjustment you make with the built-in 7″ full colour display that is typically only found in top class synthesizers.

Unfortunately small accidents can happen during the production-stages, leaving a little scratch or imperfection on the product. Too bad, because these units are fully functional, just not in 100% perfect condition… more like 99.9%. In order for buyers to get some discount we do sell these units as B-stock. We want to be upfront about the small damages so we include pictures of the damage + serial number so you can pick and choose a unit you would like to buy.

Pick a serial number in the dropdown-menu to see the corresponding picture. If the serial number says “Out of stock”, the unit has been sold.

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The GR-1 is massively polyphonic: It’s capable of 128 grains per voice, which can add up to a total of 1000+ grains simultaneously. Playing rich chords to create granular harmonic clouds is an easy task for the GR-1. Hook up your (USB or DIN) MIDI keyboards and you are ready to go.

The GR-1 is a sample-based device. Load in your own samples or feed live-audio through it using any class-compliant interface and you are now ready to granulize all your source-samples into countless variations. Anything is possible, ranging from subtle changes that still represent the original sample to a completely mangled and scattered manipulation of the original. Imagine what it would sound like if you hear thousands of little sound-particles (grains) swarming around to reconstruct any sample you present it. Depending on what source-sample you want to use, results can be lovely, soft, and soothing but also chaotic, aggressive and unpredictable and everything in between.  

The GR-1 employs 32-bit mixing and a HIFI stereo DAC for rendition, therefor the output signal is always of high quality. Nowadays everyone wants to hear solid low-ends and sizzling high frequencies in high definition and we deliver exactly that.

Owner of a modular system or devices with CV? The GR-1 even features CV interfaces for integration with Modular (Eurorack) systems and synthesizers from your collection. 

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Testimonials & Features

“You can do granular synthesis with many devices these days, but this is so easy to use, and practically instant.”
– Jean Michel Jarre

“For me the GR-1 is the most natural sounding implementation of granular synthesis I have ever used. By far the most lush sounding granular synth I know of with one of the best user interfaces on any synth of its kind. 10 out of 10.”

– Darren Ziesing (

“I used the GR-1 on the vocals in this song to add subtle variations, you can hear mostly in the breakdown.”

 DGTL•SGNL & Ruse & DJ Ride – Realness (Saturate! Records)

Stack Atom (Tasty Chips GR​-​1 live improvisation)

– Origami23


Oneirophant” is an album by Norn, largely done with the GR-1. Certainly shows what the GR-1 can do when it comes to pads, soundscapes, and leads.


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U054 Anodisation Debris