The GR-1 is a hardware polyphonic granular synthesizer in a class of its own. The GR-1 is capable of creating textures, characteristic sounds, drones, soundscapes, pads etc. with the help of your creativity! A sample and a few knob tweaks are enough to create something beautiful!

Unique & Powerful

The GR-1 is a unique granular synthesizer. Why? It is a hardware, polyphonic synthesizer with high quality (32 bit (internal), 44.1kHz) audio. Internal and external memory (USB) offers huge storage capacity. We used high quality components in a sturdy aluminum casing.

Easy to use

The GR-1 has a intuitive interface and is not only usable in the studio, but also for live performances. The GR-1 is great for drones, sound design, film scoring, beat making and composing!


The GR-1 can be controlled via MIDI (USB/DIN) or it be used standalone. Load new firmware, samples or patches/performances from your USB disk or internal memory. The GR-1 has two CV inputs and one gate output to connect easily with your (eurorack) modular setup.


Performances and patches can easily and directly be saved, loaded and copied.
There are 4 banks of 8 overwritable preset buttons, within a performance. This means you can save 32 presets, each with different samples in a single performance. You can save as many performances as your USB disk can store! Samples cost almost no time to load or save.

Basic Specifications

- 800 x 480 pixel, 7” TFT true color display
- Window envelope
- Global ADSR envelope
- 32 overwriteable presets slots
- Usable standalone and via MIDI


The GR-1 features a 800 x 480 pixel, 7” TFT true color display. The display shows the sample waveform, global envelope, grain envelope, 2x LFO settings (waveform, destination) and CV settings. In the sample area of the display you can see a visual representation of the audio signal, grains being fired, grainsize and pan-spray.
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