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Community Videos

Feel inspired by these user-videos! We love to showcase what our community creates with Tasty Chips products. Maybe one day we will showcase your work here!

Watch how GR-1 user Jonathan Bedrava of Neolithic Ceremonial Headdress records a kalimba live into the GR-1 multitimbral parts for some instant space music.“The Tasty Chips GR-1 will forever hold a place of honour among my synths and I touch it every day. I find myself exploring sounds in totally unexpected ways, often for hours at a time.”

Click here to visit Jonathan Bedrava’s Youtube-page!

Watch GR-1 user Luca Longobardi’s soothing performance on the GR-1 in combination with the Teenage Engineering OP-1 and Strymon Nightsky Reverb.

Click here to visit Luca Longobardi’s Youtube-page!

User R Beny creating some lush and rich sounds with the GR-1 in combination with the Marantz Cassetteplayer and OTO Bam Reverb. “I am using the GR-1 to granulate my voice and play it back polyphonically to create the bed of a performance.”

Click here to visit R Beny’s Youtube-page!

Community Sound Packs

Here you can find sound packs made by Tasty Chips users. Note! We do not take responsibility for any complications/errors caused by user sound packs as we do not test them all. We do however want to enable our community to freely share the sound packs made with Tasty Chips Electronics products. For the Tasty Chips official sound packs, please click here.

Sound packs for GR-1 Hardware Granular Synthesizer
Maxime Dangles []
Chimes–choirs – by Luis Perez [Soundcloud]
MetunarSynthSounds – by Metunar [Metunar]
A few patches from Origami23
OneCell – Full performance based on longer samples. Shorts up next greetings and enjoy, Sef Spee
OneCell-2 – Another full performance taking the GR-1 a bit further, cheers, Sef
Klangzaun’s Finest By Klangzaun – “Have fun with the best of my first patches.”
GR1 SP Patches Copyright (c) 2020 By Stéphane Pigeon, authorized for use by GR-1 owners.
GR-1 Sample Pack by Nachtaktiv Contains 4 textured pads and 2 complex pads. More info inside the zip. By Nachtaktiv: Bandcamp
OneCell-3 – More GR1-fun. New top samples, a nice set for multitimbral drone-n-beats. Enjoy, Sef
GR 1 IG quantic_sinusoids – Huge amount of synth wav’s from Thomas Zauerwein.

GR-1 Facebook user-group

If your want to talk and share creations with other users, join our Tasty Chips Electronics Facebook user-group.