GR-1 Granular synthesizer (Black Special Edition)


The GR-1 is a granular hardware synthesizer. Creating textures, characteristic sounds, drones, soundscapes, pads has never been easier. When you are working on a unique sound, it’s always nice to have hands-on controls to easily dial in the sweet-spots. The possibility to quickly adjust any parameter of your sound is necessary to adapt to the workflow of any user. Trace every adjustment you make with the built-in 7″ full colour display that is typically only found in top class synthesizers.

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The GR-1 is massively polyphonic: It’s capable of 128 grains per voice, which can add up to a total of 1000+ grains simultaneously. Playing rich chords to create granular harmonic clouds is an easy task for the GR-1. Hook up your (USB or DIN) MIDI keyboards and you are ready to go.

The GR-1 is a sample-based device. Load in your own samples or feed live audio through it using a class-compliant interface and you are now ready to granulize all your source samples into countless variations. Anything is possible, ranging from subtle changes that still represent the original sample to a completely mangled and scattered manipulation of the original. Imagine what it would sound like if you hear thousands of little sound-particles (grains) swarming around to reconstruct any sample you present it. Depending on what source-sample you want to use, results can be lovely, soft, and soothing but also chaotic, aggressive and unpredictable and everything in between.  

The GR-1 employs 32-bit mixing and a HIFI stereo DAC for rendition, therefore the output signal is always of high quality. Nowadays everyone wants to hear solid low-ends and sizzling high frequencies in high definition and we deliver exactly that.

Owner of a modular system or devices with CV? The GR-1 even features CV interfaces for integration with Modular (Eurorack) systems and synthesizers from your collection. 

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Testimonials & Features

“You can do granular synthesis with many devices these days, but this is so easy to use, and practically instant.”
– Jean Michel Jarre

“For me the GR-1 is the most natural sounding implementation of granular synthesis I have ever used. By far the most lush sounding granular synth I know of with one of the best user interfaces on any synth of its kind. 10 out of 10.”

– Darren Ziesing (

“I used the GR-1 on the vocals in this song to add subtle variations, you can hear mostly in the breakdown.”

 DGTL•SGNL & Ruse & DJ Ride – Realness (Saturate! Records)

Stack Atom (Tasty Chips GR​-​1 live improvisation)

– Origami23


Oneirophant” is an album by Norn, largely done with the GR-1. Certainly shows what the GR-1 can do when it comes to pads, soundscapes, and leads.


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