Firmware updates for all.

Dear customers and everyone who’s interested,

It’s been a while since our last news letter, and we haven’t been sitting still. The GR-1 and the ECR series have all received new firmware updates.

We did an early release of GR-1 firmware 2.5, because we fixed a vexing bug regarding separate performance saves, and just wanted everyone to benefit from the fix ASAP. Other 2.5 goodies include proper density modulation (by popular demand), and features a heavily optimized engine that will have you squeezing more voices out of your GR-1. Get it on our GR-1 support page, or use LAN update.

ECR firmware 2.1 features the ability to turn off the file chooser screen, and browse graphically again. It also places the Mid-Side matrix _after_ the convolution, which enables you to use stereo width controls even with mono input. Get it from our ECR support page.