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Firmware (update via USB)

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ECR+ 2.1.1 (latest version), notes
ECR+ 2.1.0-beta1, notes
ECR+ 2.0.2-beta0


ECR firmware 2.1.1 User Manual
ECR firmware 2.1 User Manual
ECR firmware 2.0 User Manual
ECR-1 User Manual, firmware 1.1

Sound Packs

Impulse Response sound pack for ECR-1 and ECR+


Here we collect the Frequently Asked Questions from our user-base, so common issues or basic technical questions are probably already answered.

(There aren’t a lot of ECR-1 related FAQ’s yet)

Q: What are those 4 sample wave forms? Can I crossfade between them?
A: The sample wave forms are channels. You cannot crossfade between them. You can only crossfade between convolvers. The channels are basically Left, Right (the top two), and “cross” channels, which are used for so-called “true stereo” reverbs: channels cross-talk onto each other. Left input influences right output, and right input influences left output. See the manual for an illustration.

Q: Can the ECR start up the way I left it last time?
A: Yes, on the ECR+, or on the ECR-1 with firmware 2.0. Shift + Store will store your system settings to USB. The next time the USB stick is inserted it will restore these settings.

Q: Can knob settings be stored alongside the sample?
A: Yes, on the ECR+, or on the ECR-1 with firmware 2.0.

Q: Can I store my own samples on the ECR internally?
A: No. Although this may change in the future. We need to make absolutely sure that data corruption cannot occur!

Q: Sometimes there are glitches or gaps in the audio when I use large samples or a combination of settings. What can I do about this?
A: Firmware 1.x suffered from driver issues, which caused the glitches. These have been solved in firmware 2.0. 2.0 also features a much better predelay implementation, which solves almost all audio gap issues. The rest can be done with the slew setting.

Q: Can I access folders on my USB?
A: Firmware 2.0 my friend, firmware 2.0 😉

Q: Can firmware 2.0 give my old ECR-1 the same audio quality as the new ECR+?
A: The good news is, it will improve it when the screensaver activates. On the other hand the ECR+ is still a lot better than that. In fact, it has better audio quality than the bulk of the Eurorack modules out there.

Q: How can I upgrade my ECR-1 to firmware 2.0?
A: At this moment the only way is to send your Raspberry compute module DIMM back to us. We’ll reflash with the new firmware and send it back to you. This is 58 euro outside of the EU, 70 inside the EU, including postage & VAT. Contact us at for the exact procedure.