Decksaver and GR-1 firmware 2.4

Decksaver will offer custom made hardcovers for the GR-1 starting December. Recommended retail price is about 45 EUR, Decksaver tell us. See the photos below.

The GR-1 has just been updated with firmware 2.4. This offers the excellent stability of the previous 2.3.4 and various improvements to controls, MIDI out (via USB) so you can record knob wiggling as automations in your DAW, and the ability to use the ADSR sliders as part volumes in multitimbral. Download firmware 2.4 to your USB stick, or plug in the LAN cable to your router.

All ECR-1’s came with firmware 1.1 since late May. This firmware boosts output level and slightly lowers the noise floor. Moreover, this is a meticulously tested firmware that eliminates instability. Users that still have 1.0 can swap their old DIMM (the module on the back of the unit) with a new one from us. The condition is that you send us back your old 1.0 DIMM. Thing is, we accidentally sent out a bunch of units with firmware 1.0 even in August. You can check your firmware by holding down Shift for 5 seconds. Contact us at

The next firmware update will be a big one, and available from our webshop next year.

Replacing the DIMM on the back of the ECR-1.