New year, new manual

It’s been a while since the last news letter, but we haven’t been sitting still.

The GR-1 has received a bug fix update that should weed out the last possibility of crashes, and that fixes several use cases. We’ve dedicated ourselves to fixing as many bugs as possible in 2.4, before we add new features in 2.5. 2.4.0 was probably already the most stable version to date, and 2.4.1 improves on that.

To go along with firmware 2.4, we’ve updated the manual to v2.4.2, and added improved illustrations, updated lists of supported hardware peripherals and corrected many parts of the text.

Check out the new manual and firmware in the GR-1 downloads section.

GR-1 Decksavers are now on sale at various dealers all over the world. We don’t sell them ourselves. The first users have already purchased them. Some more photos, courtesy of Decksaver…

Next time, in all likelihood, we’ll have some news about our ECR convolver. Until then!