Synths in casings + new synth!

Last weekend the first fully cased Tasty Chips synths were demonstrated!

The Super Piggy, an experimental follow-up of the Piggy, was cased by Matthijs, allowing all the potentiometers to come out while safely housing both the Arduino and the Superpiggy. Next to this there were the first attempts at display modules using super-sharp and vibrant OLED displays.

This sets the general direction for Tasty Chips: Synthesizers usable out-of-the box. Fully cased and ready to be played and of course, loads of parameters hands-on available.

In this vain, the new prototype was also designed. The TCE-1M is a monophonic analog synth with the VCO and VCA sections of the Superpiggy, combined with a multi-mode VCF + loads of features.

From top-left to bottom-right in the picture:

  • Saw and rectangle VCO with adjustable duty cycle
  • Loopable ADSR envelope
  • LFO (0.05 Hz -> 50 Hz) with Pitch and VCF cut-off integration + 3 waveforms
  • Multi-mode VCF (low, band, hi) which multiple modes selectable at the same time
  • Filter sweep profiles, speeds and directions, and of course keyboard tracking

The TCE-1M is definitely the future for us. It was demonstrated and subsequently experimented on with great interest from the public. Hence, the choice was made to slowly move away from the Piggyback devices in favor of the more hands-on controllable powerful synths.. even more powerful than the TCE-1M..

Check out some photos below:

TCE-1M Monophonic Analog

TCE-1M Monophonic Analog in aluminium fronted casing.

961313_10152210383799735_324644534_n (1)

Superpiggy in its own special casing + a little OLED display (photographed in its natural habitat, obviously)