Tasty Chips @ Outline2014



Tasty Chips were asked to present their synthesizers at this year’s Outline. For those of you that don’t know yet: Outline is an annual demo party held in the Netherlands, attracting creative computer enthusiasts who make music, graphics and complete real-time video’s (“demo’s”). The party has a 10 year tradition and recent editions have seen something like 140 visitors attending. Hence, we feel honored to be invited to the biggest demo party in The Netherlands and Benelux!

Outline also has an Atari background, going back to the Atari ST and Falcon, which are full-blooded classic MIDI machines. A good match, we’d say!

We will be there to present the company and its latest synthesizers, notably the TCE-1M. On sale will be the latest batch of Arduino Piggyback Synths (“Piggies”) and various cheap and powerful prototyping platforms such as Arduino’s and STM Discovery.

Presentation will be friday afternoon 16:00. We’ll be there the rest of the party to give demonstrations of TCE-1M and Piggy to everybody who’s interested (hey, it’s a demoparty afterall, right ;))

See you there!