GR-MEGA: pre-production model, Integral deluxe

This is a long news letter.. not just limited to the subjects in the title. Read on!


Progress over the last weeks has been good. We’ve got the prototype:

  • in the new casing
  • with the new thicker walnut side panels
  • with all the ports working
  • with the firmware running
  • with perfect audio quality, and free from electrical gremlins

The assembly is not perfect yet, as can be seen by a vertical offset in the DIN MIDI ports. It’s a trivial fix, however. We’re getting one more test casing and then this is also history.

But don’t let your eyeballs get stuck in this here text, and allow them to glance over this absolute beauty of a flag ship synthesizer!

As mentioned above, in the next weeks we’ll receive a newer casing, and then also the DIN port positions will be perfect. We’ve already started buying parts for series production, and next month the electronics boards should enter production as well.

But perhaps more importantly for you guys.. In the next weeks we can actually show how this synth works in some degree of detail. A lot has changed since our first demos at Superbooth’23. The GUI and file management are now nearly finished, and allow for a zappy work flow. We’re looking forward to showing it off in some Youtube videos / shorts.

Integral Deluxe

While you were sleeping we released a deluxe edition or bundle of the Integral. This means at an additional charge, you’ll get USB stick and a recommended PSU. You can find it here:

The demand for the Integral is high, but we’re assembling them just fast enough to keep up! There’s almost no delay between ordering and shipping. Maybe one or two days tops.

GR-1 file management video

We also did a new video to instruct people on the GR-1’s file management system. This has been a long standing question: “Where have my patches gone?”. The answer is: they’re still there, but you need to know where to look for them. We’ve also announced that the GR-MEGA’s file management, which is easier to grasp, is being back ported to the GR-1. That will be GR-1 firmware 3.0.