The GR-MEGA in its casing & development status

We’ve not been sitting still. We’ve now inserted the GR-MEGA’s electronics into the latest casing and it looks, well, splendid, if we may say so ourselves. Have a look for yourself:

The side panels are not final. The final ones will be a bit thicker, better rounded and will be lower. We already have these lying here in the workshop, and we’ll do a new photo shoot also with the GUI on screen.

We’re working on the last bits of electronics. Last week they started showing signs of life. The USB, and USB C, and Ethernet interfaces are tested. The CPU runs super cool. It will need a few weeks more, but it’s getting there. The software development has been equally successful. The spectral mode was stabilized, and enhanced with effects. Large sample support (>3 minutes) is in with progress bars and everything. The firmware upgrade system is also finished.

There’s been a set back, however. The casing is still not perfect, so there will be one final revision. Casing fabrication also takes a good 2 months, with the black version costing more time. Instead of shipping the first units early February, it will be early to mid April. We are not sure yet, but we’ll probably ship the silver units first.

We hope to show some short videos on how to use the GR-MEGA at the end of the month.


Integral firmware 3.1 is already in the works, with MIDI support as the biggest new feature. We estimate the release in February. User Subradial has made a couple of videos about firmware 3.0, showing off how easy it is to tweak the EQ:

If you haven’t upgraded to firmware 3.0 yet, you can download it from our Integral support page.


Last but not least we’ll also be doing another GR-1 video to show you in detail how to load and save all the types of data, and get the most out of firmware 2.8. It will still be half a year before we release GR-1 firmware 3.0, with a back port of the file system from the GR-MEGA.