GR-1 firmware 2.8

More than 5 years of GR-1 and we’re not stopping. 🙂

Since last December the GR-1 ships with improved Raspberry Pi hardware, which enables slightly more grains, and faster load and save to internal memory. Nobody really complained about the GR-1’s internal memory speed, but still nice, right?

Firmware version 2.8 adds faster controls for setting up modulation and accessing preset banks while in play mode. Newer models will come with a better rotary encoder. This encoder has its direction reversed, however. So we’ve made a menu toggle to reverse direction if needed. You can find the latest firmware and the release notes on the GR-1 support page.

Models from December 2022 onwards also have the possibility to access the GR-1’s internal storage via Samba (Microsoft) file sharing. But as it turns out, older models also support SFTP. This means you can use WinSCP on Windows or Cyberduck on Mac to share files over LAN, even on a 2018 model GR-1! Read the new manual on the GR-1 support page to find out more.

Concerning availability of our products: The silver GR-1 is sold out until late February at least. For the black model this is mid March. We may open backorders as soon as we have a reliable ETA from our factories. The ECR+ is almost gone. Only a few units remain and a new batch can only come in 2024 because of shortages on the parts market. You can find it in our webshop here. Gone means gone!