Updated PerformancePacks for GR-1

Hello GR-1 Users,

We have updated the following PerformancePacks for firmware 2.5.0 users:

GR-1 Spring Sound Pack 2019 (2.5.0)
GR-1 Spring Sound Pack 2020 (2.5.0)
GR-1 Spring Sound Pack 2021 (2.5.0)

– All root notes of the samples correspond properly to middle C.
– Some patch Resonance settings were quite agressive. These are now tamed a bit and sound as intended.
– Some patches had a too low Density setting from the start. This changed in FW 2.5.0 but was never fixed… until now.


We suggest to download these three updated PerformancePacks, and overwrite the older versions of these PerformancePacks.
If you don’t want to lose anything, make a backup first.

a) Place the newly downloaded PerformancePacks on a USB drive.
b) Load in one of the new PerformancePacks.
c) Navigate to the internal location of the matching older PerformancePack+Year.
d) Overwrite the older performance by pressing “Save” INSIDE the Performance folder (where you’ll see 001, 002, 003, etc…)


You can download the new PerformancePacks from our website:

That’s all for now! Have a great day.

Tasty Chips Electronics team.