ECR+ Eurorack convolver

The ECR+ is the mark II of our original ECR-1 Eurorack module, providing far superior audio quality and CV signal quality, and vastly improved firmware. We originally designed this module to offer the Eurorack community access to natural and lush natural stereo reverbs, and to allow tweaks in real-time with minimal delay. But it goes well beyond a mere reverb module.

The ECR+ offers various modulation options: for instance, the position in the response sample, allowing for filter-like sweeps. Another example is modulating between two reverb spaces. It’s even possible to pitch bend the response sample in real-time. Want to record your own response and use that right away? No problem. That’s what a modular system is for, right?

The ECR+ has 2 mini-jack inputs for stereo or dual-mono audio input. Choose from many different impulse responses on the included USB drive, or load up your own favourite responses and get creative.

We designed this unit with independent knobs for Dry (original signal) and Wet (processed signal) to give you full control over the mix. Drench your signal in many different and spacious reverberations, or bring your mix to life with a more subtle reverb tail in parallel with the original signal. Easily adjust the reverberation properties with Pre-delay and Stereo Width, and configure the envelope to shape your responses. Because this module is designed for Eurorack, the ECR+ is equipped with 4 CV-inputs to modulate the following parameters:

  • Pos(ition)
  • X(fade)
  • (stereo) Width
  • Aux: assignable to Wet, Pitch, or Input level.

Follow every action you take on the bright 1.5″ true color 128x128px OLED screen. Even in light rooms the OLED screen shows you all settings in great detail.

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ECR+ Technical support can be found here.

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