Once again, the Sawbench:

The Sawbench in its metal casing.

The Sawbench in its metal casing, with anodized front plate.

First: All Kickstarter rewards, with exception of the custom edition, will have shipped by the end of the week (!) .

Second: easy link time!

Third: a new, extended and corrected manual! Sawbench manual


Looking back, it was a huge task. The soldering and assembly was 100% manual. Producing 70 units in such a way is not done in just a few days. Add to this the compilation of 70 DIY kits and you’ve got the recipe for a month of round-the-clock work.

In the future we will be looking towards SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) and outsourcing to realize the production more quickly. However, we WILL try to retain the possibility for DIY kits, because also this has been a great success. Quite often DIYers suggest corrections for the manual, send pictures of their completed kits, and in general are just very nice people!

We’ll now continue with the luxury custom edition of the Sawbench and will also process the existing post-Kickstarter order list .. which should be handled in a few days. After this the Sawbench will become available in our webshop!

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