ST4: Power up!

Last update reported on the ST4 power problems. The European government basically killed off the AC/AC power bricks on which the ST4 depended. So we were forced to take a step back to redesign. You’ll be pleased to hear this was successful and with that the electronics are complete! Finally!

The new PSU design is not only more “eco”, but it’s especially better for the user as now only a standard 12VDC PSU is necessary. Easy to find and replace, and equally cheap. And, as promised, such a power brick will be shipped along with the ST4! 🙂

Not only this, but we’ve already moved ahead and started assembling the first ST4 systems. In the coming days (weeks) the DIY manual will be put online. A start can already be found here!

The casing development has made good progress. The technical drawings of the front, back, and bottom plates are almost completely finished and we already made a test run on our C&C with this to good effect. What’s more the graphic design has made similar progress. But we’re not going to spoil it this post.

New front plate test.
Fresh from the CNC: the new test front plate.

So, what’s left to do:
– The casing
– DIY manual
– Hardware production
– Firmware 1.0

The good news is that most of these activities can be done in parallel.

Mid july sounds like a realistic release date.