Production status and beta tests.

Dear all,

2020 is now well underway, and Tasty Chips is continuing its journey into sample based synthesis.

Tasty Chips new years Tompouce!

Let’s start with the bad news: The GR-1 production has been delayed by several component shortages, and hence production time is now expected to be 4 weeks. This is not all terrible: the attention diverted away from production can serve to improve the firmware. Read on!

GR-1 firmware version 2.2 is now being beta tested by both in-house testers and by a few loyal customers too. This will bring many new features and make it an even more usable instrument. We cannot reveal details at this moment, but stay tuned for a detailed instruction video coming next month!

More beta testing: The ECR-1, our Eurorack convolver, is now on its way to our beta testers. It is functionally complete, and performs terrifically. Even if it’s a very high power DSP system, the power usage and thermal performance are exemplary. Series production has already commenced, albeit it somewhat cautiously. Expect to see it in our webshop at the end of March. Feast your eyes on the first excerpt of the manual below. For a detailed specification sheet, please see the product page.

ECR-1 Convolver – Schematic overview of the user interface

That’s it for now. Don’t stop making music and see you in the next post. Cheers! 🙂