GR-1 Production and ECR-1 final prototype.

Just a quick newsletter, since we’ve been silent the last months.

GR-1 production

As you may know, the GR-1 has been on direct order since October. We initially shipped them within the week, but due to high demand the production time has now increased to two weeks. We’ll also be taking some days off between Christmas and New year. Early next year we hope to return to near-direct shipping.

ECR-1 final prototype

We’ve sorted the noise problems, added a final feature, and made a new, prettier, front plate design. We’re also optimizing the engine to have as long reverbs as possible, and perfecting the timing to overcome all possible glitches. We hope to have the first test models out with the beta testers in January. Series production should commence in February.

The latest front plate (without the display)