Introducing, the Saw Bench Synth

The Saw Bench Synth is the spiritual successor to the Piggy. Like that little old beast, it’s a MIDI controlled, and Arduino-based analog monosynth. There’s a lot more options however:

  • A four-pole diode ladder VCF, with good resonance and even self oscillation
  • ADSR envelope for VCA and VCF
  • LFO with 3 waveforms and Sample & Hold, for VCF
  • Manual controls such for Env and LFO enable, waveform selection, ADSR mode / LFO switching

Last but not least, it’s going to be housed in a nice little wooden box with aluminium panel on top.

Price : 99 EUR incl VAT and Arduino Uno.

Release : 01 Feb 2015

First Saw Bench Synth PCB
First Saw Bench Synth PCB