GR-1 Black edition out of stock until February 2023

As many customers already know, the GR-1 is now also available in a Black edition casing! We at Tasty Chips Electronics are very pleased with its new looks, and it seems this also counts for our customers as the GR-1 Black edition is extremely popular. In fact, the GR-1 Black edition is so popular that it always sells out directly as soon as we announce a new batch in our webshop.

But unfortunately we have to bring you all the news that the black casings are temporarily unavailable, and therefore we cannot produce the GR-1 Black edition for a while. Our estimate is that we will have new GR-1 Black editions back in stock around February 2023. Somewhat sad news, but not all hope is lost if you are interested in buying a GR-1 Black edition. We humbly ask for your patience until we can start producing our beloved black and beautiful GR-1 again!

But besides the sad news, the silver GR-1 is still in stock waiting for a one-way trip to you. Stock is expected to last until late October.

All the best,

The Tasty Chips Electronics team