Month: June 2015

Kickstarter finally over. Sawbench now in the webshop!

The last sawbenches have now shipped. This also includes the custom edition (with better components and custom artwork), as shown in the picture!

Custom unit for Benjamin Bacon's Dogma Lab. Logo's were CNC milled and filled with nailpolish.

Custom unit for Benjamin Bacon’s Dogma Lab. Logo’s were CNC milled and filled with nailpolish.

And.. The Sawbench is now finally available from the shop: Sawbench product link !!

The near future: we’ll keep selling the Sawbench (as long as our stocks last) and naturally we’ll support all of the buyers and Kickstarter backers. In the next days the kit products will also become available in our webshop. We’ll also put the firmware sources online and a firmware update might also be coming up soon.

Stay tuned!

Once again, the Sawbench:

The Sawbench in its metal casing.

The Sawbench in its metal casing, with anodized front plate.

First: All Kickstarter rewards, with exception of the custom edition, will have shipped by the end of the week (!) .

Second: easy link time!

Third: a new, extended and corrected manual! Sawbench manual


Looking back, it was a huge task. The soldering and assembly was 100% manual. Producing 70 units in such a way is not done in just a few days. Add to this the compilation of 70 DIY kits and you’ve got the recipe for a month of round-the-clock work.

In the future we will be looking towards SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) and outsourcing to realize the production more quickly. However, we WILL try to retain the possibility for DIY kits, because also this has been a great success. Quite often DIYers suggest corrections for the manual, send pictures of their completed kits, and in general are just very nice people!

We’ll now continue with the luxury custom edition of the Sawbench and will also process the existing post-Kickstarter order list .. which should be handled in a few days. After this the Sawbench will become available in our webshop!

40 rewards to go

Last week another couple of batches of sawbench kits and assembled units were sent off. In total we now have only 40 rewards left to go: 10 kits, 30 assembled units.

We already soldered the 30 analog boards and 10 digital ones. So 20 digital ones more to go. Then it’s time for assembly, test and postage! In terms of assembly we’re still waiting for a few hundred dupont wires. But Fedex informs us they should arrive today!

The remaining kits will be sent out this week.. only waiting for MIDI connectors (should arrive tomorrow).

First batches of assembled sawbench

In the last couple of days we assembled and shipped out no less than 23 assembled sawbenches. These were posted to Kickstarter backers in first-come-first-served order. Today we’ll start compiling all the full kits (i.e. kits including the casing). The DIY manual has been updated with all the info on how to bring all the electronics into the casing: DIY manual. Hopefully by the end of the week the largest part of the kits will be shipped.. Stay tuned!

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