New firmware / New synth design

Yet again another firmware version: the mighty 1.1.2. This one kicks the bugs out:

  • Pitch wheel doesn’t interfere with note on/off commands anymore.
  • Release time doesn’t get lost in space anymore.
  • Unit tests are added and expanded to safeguard the quality of all the state machines in the code: MIDI decoding, envelope processing, etc.

Bigger news: the direct follow-up of the piggy is already in the making. The code name is Super Piggy, remember it.


  • Next to the SAW oscillator it will get a PWM mode, with adjustable pulse width!
  • No less than four additional pots (pot lovers, rejoice!) for ADSR or LFO envelope.
  • Oscillator mode and ADSR/LFO controls are switchable by pushbutton and indicated by leds

The layout:

PCB’s are expected to be on their way from China to Tasty Chips headquarters in a week or two (planned to be earlier, but Chinese New Year tends to get in the way ;)) Stay tuned!