Integral firmware 3.0 beta, GR-1 stand

Yes, the Integral got its first new firmware:

Dual parametric EQ, and spectrum analyzer
New preset system
(Re)naming presets
Autoload last saved/loaded preset
Double tap footswitch to record

The beta version is from our Integral support page, if you want to try. It’s tested in-house, but we may want to iron out a last glitch before we release it. We’d be grateful if you let us know your findings. Reach us at as usual. The firmware upgrade procedure can be found in the Integral manual:

Check out this short video for some of the features (now with audio!):

The company Scott & Son, specializing in quality wooden stands for synths, drum machines, and controllers, has recently added a walnut GR-1 stand to their web shop, and for a pretty good price too. Check it out ! : some more pictures on their site as well.