GR-MEGA production, Integral progress

There’s good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad: we’re facing yet another month of delay. Yet again there have been delays in casing production, and we’re still facing a choice between 2 revisions of the electronics. All in all, this will mean a delay of about 4 weeks. The first units will ship late June instead of late May.

Technically, everything looks fine, except for audio over USB C (to your DAW). We promised this feature, but it doesn’t work properly at this point (unless you have a Linux PC, and probably some Windows machines, but not with Mac) no matter what we try. Best not to promise features that cannot be delivered. We’ll remove it from the list of features for now. Who know at some point later in time we’ll gain some insight and get it working, but no promises.

The good news is that audio quality is perfect in the production model: both the analog ins and outs perform really well. USB A ports and MIDI over USB C work fine too. We performed stress tests with hundreds of USB unplugs / plugs, and various USB sticks and MIDI controllers. We’re prepped all the factory presets. In general the production model seems mature.

Something else that may interest you: in 2 weeks we’re posting an in-depth video of how to use the GR-MEGA. This is a big one. You can subscribe to our youtube, or you’ll be notified via email if you’re on the mailing list!

We talk weekly to people that are unaware of our mailing list. This list is of great help: you’ll always be the first to know the news. You can register on our front page:

Integral firmware 3.1 is in development now, which brings USB MIDI support as well as a couple more features like sample reversal. We expect it to be out mid June. There may be a short disruption in the supply of new Integral units, but in July we should have new stock. We also offer a small amount of Integral B-stocks. B-stock means 100% functional, but with a small scratch or stain on the casing. We show photos of the scratches with each separate unit so you can choose. Of course, B-stocks have a reduced price. Check them here:

That’s it for now. We thank you for your patience and support, and see you in the next newsletter in June!