Historical – GR-1 Production schedule

The pre-ordering system is superceded by direct orders now. This page is here as an archive, but may be removed in the future.

GR-1 Production and delivery schedule

Please read the following carefully. There are many questions concerning the delivery of the GR-1 units. To clear things up for everyone, we made this page. We used estimates somewhere between realistic and worst-case. Any question about the delivery schedule, by mail or otherwise, will be answered with a link to this page and/or recent news pages. If you want, you can register to our mailing list to be informed of any possible delays or even acceleration of the waiting list. The mailing list registration button is found on the bottom of our page. Thanks.

Webshop pre-orders

Webshop order numbers are also mentioned in the Paypal mails as TC-XXXX instead of #XXXX. These numbers are the same. If you have paid by bank transfer instead of Paypal, just see the “Order period” column in the table below. At the moment of writing, 17 Oct 2019, we’ve produced up to #5382. We have made estimates based on quantities our suppliers expect to ship to us, and how fast we can assemble and test.

Dealer orders

Dealers may also look up their ordered batches in the table below. Use the month of your order (rightmost) to look up the production month (leftmost). Dealer orders are mixed with webshop pre-orders in first-come-first-served fashion.

Delivery Month Webshop orders nrs Order period
2nd half May 2018 webshop orders #2277 – #2299 Oct 2017
June 2018 Webshop orders #2301 – #2323 Nov 2017
July 2018 Webshop orders #2324 – #2377 Nov-Dec 2017
August 2018 Webshop orders #2380 – #2390 Jan 2018
September 2018 Webshop orders #2391 – #2450 Jan-Feb 2018
October 2018 Webshop orders #2450 – #2544 Feb-Mar 2018
November 2018 Webshop orders #2545 – #2710 Apr-May 2018
December 2018 Webshop orders #2710 – #2800 Jun-Jul 2018
January 2019 Webshop orders #2800 – #2960 Jul-Aug 2018
February 2019 Webshop orders #2960 – #3007 Aug 2018
March 2019 Webshop orders #3007 – #3200 Sep-Nov 2018
April 2019 Webshop orders #3200 – #3337 Dec 2018-Jan 2019
May 2019 Webshop orders #3337 – #3440 Jan-Feb 2019
June 2019 Webshop orders #3440 – #3600 Feb-Apr 2019
July 2019 Webshop orders #3600 – #3699 Apr-May 2019
Aug 2019 Webshop orders #3700 – #3719 May 2019
Sep 2019 Webshop orders #3720 – #3800 Jun 2019
Oct 2019 Webshop orders #3800 – #4000 Jul-Aug 2019
Nov 2019 Webshop orders #4000+ Sep-Oct 2019

About delivery


When your unit is ready, you’ll get a mail asking if your postal address is still valid, and a request to pay the remaining sum. The remaining sum is 849 EUR + postage – 150. The postage amount varies per country. If you are in the neighbourhood, you can of course also pick it up here in The Netherlands.

Please note that we wait a maximum of 30 (thirty) days for payment. After this your unit will proceed to the next customer in line!

Delivery times: We’re based in The Netherlands, Europe. So shipping to France or Germany will be quick: only 3 business days or so. But to the United States it may be 12 or so. Especially customs are known to take their time.


You are given track&trace. We’ve literally sent hundreds of parcels. The delivery is made 99.9% of the time, and if not we’ll resend. Customs can be a bit laggy in their update of the track&trace page, however.

Local pickup

Of course, if you’re in the neighbourhood, you can give us a ring or mail and we can arrange for you to pick it up at our workshop. We’ll provide you with the address. There’s coffee and cookies (mostly) as well.

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