SawBench Analog Monophonic Synthesizer

The Saw Bench Synthesizer. A highly portable and affordable mono-synth, with a 100% analog signal path. This is the fully assembled unit.


  • Small and portable, yet very ergonomic. Focus on hands-on controls with good grouping and spacing.
  • A four-pole diode ladder VCF, with high resonance
  • Separate ADSR envelopes for VCA and VCF
  • LFO with 3 waveforms, plus a Sample & Hold, for VCF
  • Frequency Modulation for deep growling bass sounds
  • Manual controls such for Env and LFO enable, waveform selection, ADSR mode / LFO switching
  • MIDI controls of all digital features (envelopes, VCF cutoff, LFO, etc)
  • Legato, glide, looping ADSR’s (MIDI)
  • Sturdy metal casing.