Arduino Piggyback Synthesizer

Arduino Piggyback Synth (aka “Piggy”): An analog synthesizer that fits on top of the Arduino.
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Demonstration Video:

Demonstration songs:

D-Force – Pigglet : composed by Matthijs Witteveen, using Piggy + Renoise (for MIDI) + Reason

My first piggy : composed by Leon Stok, using Cubase for Piggy + MC303 (rhythm) + monotron (second voice)

PiggyDemo1 : composed by Jop de Klein, sounds from Piggy + some delay and compression, Maschine for drums

Piggy Synth Demo 2 : composed by Jop de Klein, sounds from Piggy + Microbrute filter

MemoryMinitaurPiggyBoy : composed by Jop de Klein using Moog Minitaur and a Piggy running through a EHX Memory Boy

Radioactiveman bassline : hardcoded into the arduino, no other equipment used