Superpiggy prototype

Just assembled and tested the follow-up of the Piggy. It’s the … yes, very obvious name here … “Super piggy”, or Super Arduino Piggyback Synthesizer.

Like previously announced it features an enhanced VCO, which can also do rectangle wave with variable duty cycle and 4 additional potmeters for hands-on ADSR control. The result is a bit “chiptune” like but with the low-pass resonant filter, of course.

Buttons and LEDs are used to select and display VCO mode, and loopable ADSR. See the screenshots below. Yes, there’s our logo on the PCB, finally 😉




New firmware / New synth design

Yet again another firmware version: the mighty 1.1.2. This one kicks the bugs out:

  • Pitch wheel doesn’t interfere with note on/off commands anymore.
  • Release time doesn’t get lost in space anymore.
  • Unit tests are added and expanded to safeguard the quality of all the state machines in the code: MIDI decoding, envelope processing, etc.

Bigger news: the direct follow-up of the piggy is already in the making. The code name is Super Piggy, remember it.


  • Next to the SAW oscillator it will get a PWM mode, with adjustable pulse width!
  • No less than four additional pots (pot lovers, rejoice!) for ADSR or LFO envelope.
  • Oscillator mode and ADSR/LFO controls are switchable by pushbutton and indicated by leds

The layout:

PCB’s are expected to be on their way from China to Tasty Chips headquarters in a week or two (planned to be earlier, but Chinese New Year tends to get in the way ;)) Stay tuned!

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