GR-1 User Manual

GR-1 User Manual v1.1.1
GR-1 User Manual v1.2
GR-1 User Manual v1.2.1

GR-1 Firmware

GR-1 Firmware v1.1.7 [Sampling crash, undo problems fixed]
GR-1 Firmware v1.1.8 [Sampler not found fixes, sound preview fix]
GR-1 Firmware v1.2.0 [Effects: Reverb, delay, distortion, reducer; USB plug fixes; Fast saves; Proper Arturia MIDI controller support; many many new features and engine improvements]
GR-1 Firmware v1.2.1 [Performance hotfix: sample previews can be turned off]

GR-1 Performances (Patch packs)

GR-1 Default Patch pack (16 patches)
Maxime Dangles []

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Due to the production of the GR-1's the ST4 will not be available until July. Thank you for understanding. Dismiss