GR-1 Downloads

GR-1 User Manual

GR-1 User Manual v1.3.0
GR-1 User Manual v1.4
GR-1 User Manual v1.4.1
GR-1 User Manual v1.4.2

GR-1 Firmware

GR-1 Firmware v1.3.6.1 [Bugfix: Robustness against broken performance on startup.]
GR-1 Firmware v1.4.0 [Sample audition, play mode volume control, slider menu control, auto refresh in fileselector, important bugfixes, NO LONGER MOUNTS USB EFI BOOT PARTITIONS! and more: release notes]
GR-1 Firmware v1.4.1 [Bugfix: forgot to actually include EFI boot partition skip code in 1.4.0!]

GR-1 Performances (Patch packs)

GR-1 Default Patch pack (16 patches)
Maxime Dangles []
Chimes–choirs – by Luis Perez [Soundcloud]


By popular demand, you can add your own patches, wav samples, and performances here. Just give it a nice name (with your name in it for due credits), or mention your name in the message field. Patches and performances should be zipped. Once you’ve done your upload, we’ll check it and put a download link on this page. Thanks! 🙂

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