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Midi problem

Something strange was happening with gr-1
Midi parameters are received on all midi channels.
Not when you play the keys, but yes, everything else.
This does not happen when it returns from the daw.
Is there any solution for this?


  • Sorry, I would think that the Gr-1 receives it but does not execute it, right?
    My apologies
  • Are we talking MIDI CC's and program changes? They're only be handled for the configured MIDI channel. For instance, if part 1 is configured to MIDI channel 1, it definitely only listens to CC's on _that_ channel. All the other MIDI data is ignored.

    The exception to this is MPE: if MPE is turned ON, the GR-1 forgets all about MIDI channels and just listens to everything.
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    Yes Midi CC´s.
    If I turn off the four midi channels and have Midi CC updates visuals on ... it receives all the midi cc's.
    In the sector below you can see that the parameters change ... but they are not executed in Gr-1.
    On the other hand is there any possibility that the aftertouch is not part of the mpe?
    Many keyboards have it that are not MPE.
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  • MIDI data will always generate the DIN-5 or USB icons on the top of screen. Even if this is data on the wrong channel or just plain "active sensing" packets.. Maybe that is what you're seeing?
  • if that is what I mean..but in this case the parameters no other gear does that happen to me.
    It seems to me that it gives confusion.
  • Hhhmm, what parameters exactly? Not the grain window or the envelope I hope?
  • I'm checking ... it seems that only ADSR
  • Curious.. So the envelope shape graphics change or there's a message like "Attack 0.500s", or both?
  • Nop graphics no..just the message (Yes,attack 1.026)...
    I also think that the Midi Din symbol ... should not light up in every midi input,It should be only the active inputs.

  • Will make an issue for this. To be honest, it's going to take a while to get to this. There are a couple of other bugs which are more serious atm... and new engine features :D
  • Yes, it is not something important, it is a detail.
    New engine Features?? mmm!!
    Great !!!
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