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CC midi Gr-1

I am having some inconvenience recording midi CC to ableton.
But only a few parameters.
And I wanted to know if it's my midi device.
Some work fine and some don't
When it returns to the GR-1 ... it is not the same as the one executed.
I think they are only Spray and Grain Size, the others are perfect!
Will it be my midi device? It is a Phonic midi Hub, it is very old.
Also When Gr-1 is in Clock sync, it does not transmit neither scan nor Density .. Is this ok?

Thanks a lot !

I hope one day I have real Time stretch..I'm going to bother with this!



  • We'll make an issue and hope to reproduce this.. You're saying the spray and size CC's generated by turning the GR-1's knobs doesn't sound the same as feeding back those same CC's?
  • Thanks for the quick reply!!
    Yes, that's right, it doesn't keep the same parameter.
    I tried all the others and it doesn't happen.
  • We've created an issue in our bugtracker. Hope to have this fixed in 2.4.2 or maybe 2.4.3.
  • great!
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