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Gr1: shift and pitch

I have an issue with the shift button that's been annoying me from the start: I don't mind the envelope sliders having an alternative function, but it is annoying as hell that the gr1 changes the pitch of the individual voices as soon as the shift button is pressed, and the envelope settings had been changed in the meantime.

Isn't there a way to solve this like you did with the rotaries, so the pitch is not changed UNLESS shift is pressed, held, AND a slider is moved?

The shift button is needed for so many things, and a sudden pitch change is such a performance killer: I am afraid of the shift button by now :)

cheers, starvinmarvin


  • I think this is really tricky to solve unless we lower the resolution of the sliders... It may be a good idea to ask people if they mind.. Otherwise, Performance menu -> "potentiometer setpoints" may help?
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