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GR-1 Looping Recorder enhancements

edited February 25 in Tasty Chips Products
New user and digging my GR-1 so far, it certainly has its quirks but such a unique instrument! I'd like to use it as an effects processor using the live looping recorder but there are several problems with this that I hope could be addressed in software. I'm using the Rocksmith cable and the latest 2.4.1 firmware.

1) There is usually a bad click or glitch sound at the point where the loop head overwrites the previously recorded loop. Could a quick <50ms fade be written to the file at the transition point to help with this?

2) It would be ideal if the Record head, scan head and Spray ranges could all become 'locked' together so that the delay is as short as possible and so that increasing the spray control does not cause portions of the audio from the previous loop to be played. (This would also help with 1# above). The 'Wiper' record mode sort of helps with this but with the loop point glitches and the inability to create a specific offset between the scan head and the record head it becomes difficult to use effectively.

Here is a bad visual illustration of what the screen would look like when using this proposed mode, First with a large Spray setting, and then with a smaller one, and finally with no spray:




Would this be workable?



  • Mods, is this something you are aware of and could improve upon?
  • We appreciate your suggestions for "safe" live granulization.. We could implement a cross-fading record, but it's easier said than done. Parameter locking in this mode would probably be more practical. We'll think about it.
  • Thank you, that would be rad!
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