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Working with 4 channel Ambisonic B format IR's ECR-1

Hi there,

I noticed when loading B format ambisonic IR files into my ECR-1 they seem to be supported, all for channels are shown on the LCD screen. Does any one know what is happing under the hood? is there a ambisonic to stereo converter process happing here? it sounds stereo to my ears but it would be great to know more about how the unit handles four channel (ambisonic b format) many thanks in advance.


  • Hiya,

    Ambisonics just use plain old multichannel wav. A bit of confusion here.. The ECR just interprets the channels als part of a so-called "true stereo" matrix. You can probably find some tool somewhere to convert ambisonics to the correct matrix form for the ECR.. Please also see the manual about how the stereo matrix is laid out.
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