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GR-1 Bugs: remains playing after unpressing 'play' / voices inactive

Hi all,

come across my first bugs with my GR-1 unfortunately. Sometimes after disengaging play mode, the GR-1 remains playing as if nothing was changed. Changing presets doesn't help, they begin playing grains automatically whilst the play button remains unlit. It's pretty frustrating and I find the only thing I can do is restart the synth.

The second problem is that I can't activate voices, I don't understand why. Pressing the voice buttons whilst in play mode doesn't produce new voices as intended, and sometimes after disengaging play mode and starting up again the voice buttons will be lit but still not function.

Thanks in advance for any help!



  • First of all it's imperative you upgrade to 2.3.4 or 2.4.0. We have never experienced what you describe, but previous firmwares had bugs that could lead to such undefined behavior. If you're already running those new versions it may be the internal SD card has become corrupted, and it can best be replaced.

    Besides this there are plenty of knobs that, when turned down, will seem like the unit is mute. Shift+FX2 (patch volume), Density, and FX1 (Cutoff) are knobs to watch out for!

  • Thanks for the reply guys. The unit is brand new (received 7 days ago) and 2.4.0 was already installed. I'll email you directly
  • Ok, thanks in advance. Please report to us the steps you took to find this strange behavior in as much detail as possible. Patch files are also welcome.
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