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handheld recorder for the GR-1

my GR-1 is on its way to me, and I wanted to get a handheld recorder that can double as a line input for the device. The only devices like that listed in the manual are the Zoom H6 (with a note that the lower numbered Zooms are not compatible due to clicks or dropouts.) Unfortunately, the H6 is a bit pricier than I'd like to spend.

The unit that looks ideal is the Tascam DR-40X. At $180 it is close to half the price of the Zoom H6, but it still takes 1/4" jacks for line inputs, and of course has stereo microphones for ambient sound. Has anyone tried the Tascam? Any other handheld devices tried and worked?


  • I can’t help you with the Tascam. I had a Zoom H4N (not the Pro version), and I can confirm that it didn’t function at all for me. I upgraded to an H6, and I’m extremely happy with that unit. I’ve gone through a few different handheld recorders over the years, and the H6 is by far the best I’ve used. I know it’s more than you’d like to spend, but consider that it will probably last you a long time and has all sorts of different applications. I think it’s worth it.
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