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Polyphonie - max voice number

Dear all
I am a fresh owner of a GR-1 and really like this instrument!
But after the first dozens of hours I spent with one question occurred:
How is it possible to limit a patch to certain number of voices i.e. 1 - monophonic?
In a multipatch (multitimbral): how can I determine the max. number of voices for each sample (voices per midi channel)?
Is this possible at all? If not, could this request be implemented in a future firmware update?
Thank you very much for your support.
Best regards, Reto


  • There's no control for this unfortunately. We may add a CC for this. The current menu structure cannot be pushed any further ;)
  • Thank you very much vor your answer. But how can it be that such a fundamental possibility is not given?
    By all respect but there are so many musical situations wherein you dont want voicings/intervalls to overlap as this causes unwanted dissonance.
    I mean there should defintely be at least a switch in the menue to engage monophonic mode per sample. Don‘t you agree?
    How would this be realised with CC? 0-127 or 0/1?
    Regards, Reto
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