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  • GR-1 Firmware 2.4.0

    New features:

    - ADSR sliders can now be used to control part volumes.
    - MIDI learn! Most knobs now send CC's via USB MIDI. Can be toggled to NRPN for that juicy 14 bit precision!
    - Fine tuning of density, spray and grain size, using Select knob.
    - Pitchbend range is now settable with a slider in the performance menu. This also sets the range for MPE!
    - Pitching the voices (Shift+ADSR sliders) now displays pitch in format "C-5 00%".
    - Controlling spray now displays time instead of scientific fraction.
    - MIDI CC's for LFO clock sync MUL/DIV
    - All popups can now be dismissed with Escape.
    - If you've edited /boot/config.txt to mirror the screen, or to overclock SD card.. these changes will now survive firmware update.


    - Slider voice volume mode is now controlled globally, from the performance menu, instead via the patch menu.
    - Loop start/end removed from menu, as they can be fully controlled and fine tuned with physical controls.
    - MPE toggle no longer forces 4 octave pitchbend range (typically used for Roli Seaboard).

    Bug fixes:

    - Moving a voice slider (other than the first one playing) caused voice 1 to mute.
    - One-shot recording was broken (since 2.3).
    - All notes off MIDI CC now only releases MIDI notes, instead of also play mode voices.
    - Tape slew didn't have its own setpoint.
    - Bogus scan speed after resizing sample.
    - Sample stencil refresh errors when recording.

    Known issues:

    - Clicks in distortion FX (similar to snare instrument pick up noise) when multiple voices triggering/releasing..
    - No visual feedback on a bunch of CC's.
    - Freeze on first USB plug after firmware update (a very old one).
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