sawbench MCU 2

Sawbench firmware update


New Sawbench Rev 1.2 firmware update

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The Sawbench Synthesizer firmware.

UpdateRev 1.2 features:

– Improved envelopes (Attack time can be set way shorter now!)
– Possibility to switch between linear/logarithmic envelopes
– TolerantĀ MIDI clock packetsĀ (bug fix)

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(c) Tasty Chips Electronics, 2014-2016

This code may be used to update your sawbench synth, using only an Arduino Uno
(10 euro from China). The easiest way of doing things is to:

1) install this archive in your Arduino folder. On Mac that’s mostly ~/Documents/Arduino
2) start Arduino IDE
3) open sawbench_v3/sawbench_v3.ino
4) attach your Arduino Uno
5) upload. The firmware is now present on the Arduino’s Atmega328P.
6) open up the sawbench, and carefully remove its Atmega.
7) replace the sawbench’s Atmega with the one from the Arduino. Presto!

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