GR-1 Showcases & Testimonials

“You can do granular synthesis with many devices these days, but this is so easy to use, and practically instant.”
– Jean Michel Jarre

Norn – Oneirophant
Album by Norn, largely done with the GR-1. Certainly shows what the GR-1 can do when it comes to pads, soundscapes, and leads.

Stack Atom (Tasty Chips GR​-​1 live improvisation) – Origami23


“I used the GR-1 on the vocals in this song to add subtle variations, you can hear mostly in the breakdown.”

“For me the GR-1 is the most natural sounding implementation of granular synthesis I have ever used. Utterly unique in the way it never kills the source sound or takes away the atmosphere of the original material. I use a lot of analog synthesizer material and the GR1 keeps all of the unique tone and feeling rather than making it sound in any way sterile or digital. By far the most lush sounding granular synth I know of with one of the best user interfaces on any synth of its kind. 10 out of 10.”

– Darren Ziesing (

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