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GR-1 User Manual

GR-1 User Manual v2.1.3
GR-1 User Manual v2.1.2
GR-1 User Manual v2.1.1
GR-1 User Manual v2.1.0
GR-1 User Manual v2.0.2
GR-1 User Manual v1.6

GR-1 Firmware

GR-1 Firmware v2.1.8 [Bugfixes including multiple USB stick (re)mounts. 2.1.8 release notes]
GR-1 Firmware v2.1.7 [Fixed combinations of clock, key sync and audition modes. 2.1.7 release notes]
GR-1 Firmware v2.1.6 [Smaller bug fixes. 2.1.6 release notes]
GR-1 Firmware v2.1.5 [Bug fixes: multitimbral hanging notes, muted audition mode, and more. 2.1.5 release notes]
GR-1 Firmware v2.1.4 [Bug fixes: crackles with more than 3 voices!!, and more. 2.1.4 release notes]
GR-1 Firmware v2.1.3 [Bug fixes: pile-up fixed, and more. 2.1.3 release notes]
GR-1 Firmware v2.1.2 [Bug fixes, multitimbral MIDI and play mode vs MIDI. 2.1.2 release notes]
GR-1 Firmware v2.1.1 [A dozen of bug fixes. Bogus density throttle removed: 2.1.1 release notes]
GR-1 Firmware v2.1.0 [First version where multitimbral has proper onboard controls. And much more features that make life easier: 2.1.0 release notes]
GR-1 Firmware v2.0.7 [Restart voice to remove stale grains]
GR-1 Firmware v2.0.6 [Optimized to have full polyphony again when only playing 1 or 2 parts. Dead filter / Mute / Plop fixed. Freescale mode fixed.]
GR-1 Firmware v2.0.5 [Bugfixes: multi-timbral loop marker update, weird noise before sound previews, matrix cell display update, matrix mode display update, sound previews controlled by master volume]
GR-1 Firmware v2.0.4 [Bugfixes: distorted/muted subosc, loads of repaired patch menu settings, multitimbral display fix, avoidance of audio dropouts by throttling down density..]
GR-1 Firmware v2.0.3 [Bugfixes: scan speed, replay range in sample, CC120: all sound off borked release, some parameters stuck when loading older patches, audition mode, borked FX, borked subosc]
GR-1 Firmware v2.0.1 [Multi-timbral engine and GUI rewrite: 2.0.0 release notes] [First multitimbral version!]
GR-1 Firmware v1.6.1.1 [Fixes a crash in 1.6.0.. Revert to old, slower startup. Mainly smaller new features, 60 fps display, level boosts, many bugfixes: 1.6.0 release notes] [Last monotimbral version!]

GR-1 Performances (Sound packs)

GR-1 Default Patch pack (16 patches)
Empty performance (for starting with an empty slate)
Maxime Dangles []
Chimes–choirs – by Luis Perez [Soundcloud]
MetunarSynthSounds – by Metunar [Metunar]
A few patches from Origami23
GR-1 sound pack – spring 2019 – 32 Patches from the Tasty Chips team. Sound bites here: Soundcloud
OneCell – Full performance based on longer samples. Shorts up next greetings and enjoy, Sef Spee
Klangzaun’s Finest By Klangzaun – “Have fun with the best of my first patches.”


By popular demand, you can add your own patches, wav samples, and performances here. Just give it a nice name (with your name in it for due credits), or mention your name in the message field. Patches and performances should be zipped. Once you’ve done your upload, we’ll check it and put a download link on this page. Thanks! 🙂

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