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GR-1 User Manual

GR-1 User Manual v2.3.4
GR-1 User Manual v2.3.3
GR-1 User Manual v2.3.2
GR-1 User Manual v2.2.2
GR-1 User Manual v2.1.3
GR-1 User Manual v1.6

GR-1 Firmware

GR-1 Firmware v2.3.4 [Fixes crash in pitch finetune, stability fixes: 2.3.4 release notes]
GR-1 Firmware v2.3.3 [Fix wrt combination of polyphony and multitimbral, fixed potential sources of instability: 2.3.3 release notes]
GR-1 Firmware v2.3.2 [Fixes file chooser related crashes wrt to odd filenames and unreadable directories: 2.3.2 release notes]
GR-1 Firmware v2.3.1 [Recording crackles fixed, various other bug fixes and speed optimizations: 2.3.1 release notes]
GR-1 Firmware v2.3.0 [Many workflow improvements, grain stealing, proper file chooser, parameter fine tuning: 2.3.0 release notes]
GR-1 Firmware v2.2.2 [Slider volume mode on parts > 1 fixed, some other minor fixes: 2.2.2 release notes]
GR-1 Firmware v2.2.1 [Bug fixes to improve restoring of multitimbral performance, weird loose grains in granular glide mode: 2.2.1 release notes]
GR-1 Firmware v2.2.0 [Many new features: tape mode, new granular modes, reverse grains, improved menus, 60 fps again, record number of bug fixes. 2.2.0 release notes]
GR-1 Firmware v2.1.8 [Most stable version of the 2.1 minor release. Better on-board controls for multitimbral.]
GR-1 Firmware v2.0.7 [Most stable version of the 2.0 major release: multitimbral is the biggest new feature.]
GR-1 Firmware v1.6.1.1 [Fixes a crash in 1.6.0.. Revert to old, slower startup. Mainly smaller new features, 60 fps display, level boosts, many bug fixes: 1.6.0 release notes] [Last monotimbral version!]

GR-1 Performances (Sound packs)

Old Default Sound pack, 2017, 16 patches
New Default Sound pack, spring 2020, 16 patches
Empty performance (for starting with an empty slate)
Maxime Dangles []
Chimes–choirs – by Luis Perez [Soundcloud]
MetunarSynthSounds – by Metunar [Metunar]
A few patches from Origami23
GR-1 sound pack – spring 2019 – 32 Patches from the Tasty Chips team. Sound bites here: Soundcloud
OneCell – Full performance based on longer samples. Shorts up next greetings and enjoy, Sef Spee
OneCell-2 – Another full performance taking the GR-1 a bit further, cheers, Sef
Klangzaun’s Finest By Klangzaun – “Have fun with the best of my first patches.”
GR1 SP Patches Copyright (c) 2020 By Stéphane Pigeon, authorized for use by GR-1 owners.
GR-1 Sample Pack by Nachtaktiv Contains 4 textured pads and 2 complex pads. More info inside the zip. By Nachtaktiv: Bandcamp
OneCell-3 – More GR1-fun. New top samples, a nice set for multitimbral drone-n-beats. Enjoy, Sef


MaxMSP GR-1_Controller v1.02


By popular demand, you can add your own patches, wav samples, and performances here. Just give it a nice name (with your name in it for due credits), or mention your name in the message field. Patches and performances should be zipped. Once you’ve done your upload, we’ll check it and put a download link on this page. Thanks! 🙂

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