GR-1 Production schedule

GR-1 Production and delivery schedule

Please read the following carefully. There are many questions concerning the delivery of the GR-1 units. To clear things up for everyone, we made this page. We used estimates somewhere between realistic and worst-case. Any question about the delivery schedule, by mail or otherwise, will be answered with a link to this page and/or recent news pages. Thanks.

Kickstarter backers

First come the Kickstarter units. And yes, these completely precede the pre-orders from the webshop.

Kickstarter backers have backer numbers. They have received these via mail from Kickstarter. At the moment of writing (April 20th 2018) numbers #52 and up are still open. The lower the number, the earlier the delivery.

Mid April 2018 – mid May 2018: shipment of the remaining 50 Kickstarter units.

Webshop pre-orders

Webshop order numbers are also mentioned in the Paypal mails as TC-XXXX instead of #XXXX. These numbers are the same. If you have paid by bank transfer instead of Paypal, just see the “Order period” column in the table below:

Delivery Month Webshop orders nrs Order period
2nd half May 2018 webshop orders #2277 – #2307 (and non-webshop orders) Oct 2017
June 2018 Webshop orders #2308 – #2383 Nov-Dec 2017
July 2018 Webshop orders #2384 – #2458 Jan-Feb 2018
August 2018 Webshop orders #2459 – 2569 Feb-Mar 2018

About delivery


When your unit is ready, you’ll get a mail asking if your postal address is still valid, and a request to pay the remaining sum. The remaining sum is 849 EUR + postage – 150 (or 175 some have paid). The postage amount varies per country.

Delivery times: We’re based in The Netherlands, Europe. So shipping to France or Germany will be quick: only 3 business days or so. But to the United States it may be 12 or so. Especially customs are known to take their time.


You are given track&trace. The delivery is always made. We’ve literally sent over 400 parcels now, and never did one end up missing. Customs can be a bit laggy in their update of the track&trace page, however.

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Due to the production of the GR-1's the ST4 will not be available until July. Thank you for understanding. Dismiss